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Unsecured Business Loan

The hardiest business can sometimes require an infusion of funds. From start-ups to mid-level corporations and from small companies to multinationals, every business benefits from timely financing to meet its financial goals and also increase its competitiveness in the marketplace.

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Why a loan for business from Aditya Birla Finance?

The Aditya Birla Finance business loan is a unique offering, in that it is a business loan provided in India without security. It helps businesses in an increasingly competitive environment by providing the edge through funding – companies can take loans for business expansion, machinery purchase, or to even start a new business. We offer businesses the opportunity to realize their goals by fulfilling various financial needs, from working capital requirement to debt consolidation, and asset acquisition. The product has been designed for individual and non-individual entities, either self-employed entrepreneurs, traders, manufacturers and/or companies.

Is a business loan for you?

Your business can profit from borrowing essential funds required to upscale operations, purchase new premises and machinery, acquire the latest technology and skilled manpower, operationalize new supply chain management systems and drive growth through optimum asset allocation. Taking a business loan at competitive interest rates will propel your goals towards rapid fruition.

Why opt for our loan for business?

• Maximum loan amount: Rs 1 Crore.
• Fixed rate of interest, interest rates remain unchanged throughout the tenure of the loan.
• Flexible tenure from 12 months to 48 months
• Repayment channels: ECS/NACH.
• No security or collateral required.
• Repayment via easy EM

Aditya Birla Finance business loans process:

• Audited financials and Income Tax Returns filed for last two years from date of application.
• Bank statement for the last 6months.
• KYC documents as required.


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