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Supply Chain Financing Solutions - Invoice Discounting

Enables you to convert your receivables into cash which in turn improves liquidity resulting into a healthy and continuous cash flow for your business.

Vendor Finance

Channel Finance for Manufacturers

Channel Finance for Traders

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​​This solution provides finance by discounting the sales bills of your vendors or by discounting your purchase bills. This financing facility is also available for your channel partners. Besides regular bill discounting, we also service bill discounting backed by Letter of Credit (LCBD).


Some of the benefits of this financing solution are:

  • Instant conversion of receivables into cash
  • Helps to build strong relationships with vendors and channel partners
  • Assures availability of working capital finance to channel partners and vendors at competitive costs of credit
  • Facilitates increased sales through higher purchasing power for channel partners
  • Faster payments leading to cash discounts from companies
  • Faster Turnaround Time (TAT) and simple procedures

Supply Chain Financing Solutions include: Sales Bill Discounting, Purchase Bill Discounting and Letter of Credit Bill Discounting.​


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